Fiat Couples Group


A Fiat Couples Group is a small group of married couples (4-8 couples) that meet monthly on Saturday nights (rotating at members homes) for faith sharing and dinner. Parish priests are invited to join the group when possible.

fiat couples groupThis is a time of prayer and celebration. By coming together couples strengthen their relationship with each other, increase faith, nourish souls, and enjoy the experience of community.

Prayer time is usually an hour to an hour and half and it consists of reading and reflecting on the Sunday Gospel, sharing prayer thanks and offering prayer requests. The Fiat Couples Prayer Guide contains the format and content of the prayer.

The evening concludes with a potluck dinner. The host provides the main course. All other couples bring accompanying dishes. Couples take turns hosting the monthly Fiat Couples Group gatherings.

How to Run Your Group

Download the manual to learn the 7 Steps to Run a Monthly Fiat Couples Group in Your Parish:

Fiat Couples Group Manual (English) Fiat Couples Group Manual (English) (967 KB)